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Cobra - remote fire fighting

JDC are constantly looking for innovative products for their customers to increase operational effectiveness or safety. COBRA can make a significant impact on both areas.

Equipped with COBRA the first fire fighters to reach the scene don't have to wait  -  they can locate and attack the fire immediately, from the relative safety of outside.

The COBRA cutting extinguisher uses a new technique where the fire fighter attacks the fire by piercing a hole in the exterior and blowing a powerful mist of very fine water droplets into the fire compartment.  This effectively chokes the fire and cools down the hot fire gases. 

BEFORE fire fighters have to enter, COBRA penetrates quickly and effectively, reducing core temperature without the addition of oxygen,   The potential for back draft and flashover is eliminated -  making it much safer. And as COBRA is a cold cutting technique, it's also extremely safe in potentially explosive environments.

The compact, lightweight COBRA unit can easily be installed in all types of rescue vehicles or as part of advanced protective systems.

How does it work?

COBRA's water and abrasive jet cuts though difficult materials such as stainless steel, kevlar, shutters, locks and glass in addition to cutting through conventional walls and roofs much faster and safer than any existing method. 10mm of steel takes less than 60 seconds. The water jet droplets are 90% smaller than in a conventional high pressure fogging system and remain as a mist for over 7 metres before dissipation.

The effectiveness in reducing temperature is astounding, as is the small quantity of water that is required. In a typical living room fire with ceiling temperature of 750°C it will take the heat to below 100°C within 60 seconds. As well as working in confined spaces such as rooms, aircraft and ships, COBRA can also be used to tap flammable explosive gases from tanks.