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Digital Control - The iCan System

JDC are proud to introduce the very latest in digital control through the iCan System.

The system consists of our iPump and iCab controllers. Both feature the latest high resolution screen with IP67 rating and on screen calibration and diagnostics (password protected).They can be supplied as a complete system or individually to suit your requirements.

The iPump Controller (iPC) is an intelligent micro processor controlled device which has been developed to work in conjunction with the chassis C.A.N. and replaces the conventional pump control panel.

The iPC utilises the available information to control the engine speed. This control enables the iPC to maintain the pumping performance as requested by the operator.

There are easily selectable operating modes for the iPC:

  • Manual – Engine speed is selected and maintained regardless of pump demand.
  • Automatic High/Low – The required pump pressure is selected and maintained by the iPC altering the engine speed according to the pump output demand.

Screen features,  Analogue Style Graphics, Low Pressure Dial, High Pressure Dial, Compound Dial, Pump Speed Dial, Pump Temperature Dial, PTO Engaged Indicator and Control, Mode Indicator, Pump Hours Recording, Thermal Relief and Automatic Cooling Loop Activation, Automatic Tank Fill Activation, Water Tank Contents Indicator, Foam Tank Contents Indicator (where required), Engine Coolant and Oil Pressure Warning, Low Fuel.

The iCab Controller (iCC) replaces the need for separate switch panels and displays. In one simple interface it incorporates the main one touch functions of 999 and Arrive at Scene as well as quick function for common items and overrides.

When used in conjunction with the iPC you can read pump performance and water levels in the cab.

The iCC uses a universal graphical interface showing all the driver information required in an easy to understand format all this combines to provide a rugged and compact system which is easy to use.

The iCC has the ability to attach up to 4 cameras enabling all round vision for safe manuovering in tight spaces. With the addition of extra hardware a full CCTV recording unit is possible without the need for additional screens. Also, the iCC features a simple data log for various operation faults, for example doors/lockers open with handbrake off, seat occupancy with seat belt not latched.

In a world of changing demands and policies the iCC features a range of user programmable settings, this enables your engineer to access a screen of settings and allows certain function parameters to be changed. As with all JDC developed software all safety critical systems are protected.

Screen features, Cab Door Open, Locker Open Warning, Seat Belt Latched, Mast Ready/Raised, Ladder Stowed, Cab Tilt, Handbrake Applied, PTO Engaged, Warning Light Mode, Scenelight Status, Battery Status, Low Fuel.