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Light, Impact-resistant PolyBilt

PolyBilt is lighter, stronger and more impact resistant than aluminium or GRP composites.  It comes with a lifetime warranty and it's 100% recyclable.

If fuel economy, payload or downtime are important to you, see how easy it is to change to PolyBilt.


Would your current bodies pass the sledgehammer test? If they are made of PolyBilt they would!  That's why over 70% of JDC fire vehicles are currently being built using PolyBilt bodies. Not all innovations are as good as they should be but sometimes a new product comes along that simply blows the current products away!  PolyBilt is an exceptionally strong co-polymer that has been used in US Fire Departments for the last 10 years and JDC has exclusive rights to use this material in the UK.

PolyBilt is so flexible it can be manufactured, using the latest technology, in any shape or size,there is no feature or configuration that cannot be replicated in PolyBuilt. Using PolyBilt we are able to design and produce vehicle bodies with more complex features and internal arrangements. One example is fire engine bodies which have an integrated water tank that forms part of the vehicle body.


The co-polymer used in PolyBilt has a unique combination of compressive strength and flexibility giving it superb impact resistance. This translates in the field to little or no damage when impacting street furniture, walls etc. during manoeuvring; little or no damage when hit by flying debris or missiles and in the event of a high speed collision, there is no shock transfer through the body, keeping damage to a minimum. 


PolyBilt begins to deform at 300 to 400 degrees which means that vehicle paint will ignite and tyres will melt before the PolyBilt body is even affected. 


Hundreds of chemical tests have been carried out on PolyBilt from Sulphuric acid 96% at 72 degrees F for 90 days to simple cleaning fluids. In over 99% of tests PolyBilt showed no change in appearance or weight. 


  • Integral tank means larger lockers
  • Lighter body so carries more equipment
  • Lower centre of gravity, giving safer driving
  • Easily adapted to carry different equipment
  • High chemical resistance for easy cleaning
  • High impact resistance - less down time
  • Custom designed to meet your specific needs 


  • Easily repaired- only requires 2 hours of training
  • Does not require specialist equipment
  • Does not require specialist knowledge
  • Does not require special personal protective equipment
  • Does not require special environment, extraction etc.
  • Resists damage so fewer repairs
  • Zero maintenance, does not rust, corrode, crack, chip or peel 


  • Lower running costs
  • Low risk with a lifetime warranty
  • Long operational life up to 40 years
  • Re-mountable for second life
  • Low risk with proven technology and proven operational experience
  • Easily recycled at the end of its life

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