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The Batman flies in

JDC has joined forces with the French company Scorpe Technologies to bring the UK the latest and most innovative rescue tools on the market. 

The Combi SK is one of Scorpe’s most popular tools, lovingly nicknamed ‘The Batman’ due to its shapely silhouette.  The SK combined tool is particularly suited to applications such as door openings, letting you spread, squeeze and cut.  

With the user’s safety a priority, the SK combined tool’s unique curved blades draw the matter to the axis for optimum cutting while safeguarding the operator.

The Combi SK is the lightest in its range weighing only 14kg. Featuring a 360° rotatable and detachable handle, it has specially designed tips for excellent grip. It proves particularly useful for first and rapid rescue operations in buildings, road traffic accidents and other areas away from power sources.  

With 25 years' experience in fire and rescue, Scorpe has developed a full range of tools that make the work of rescue teams around the world easier. Over the last ten years Scorpe has developed over 100 products, building on the latest available technologies.  In particular the Green Spirit range which was launched in 2016 where they have created their unique range of electric rescue tools.

Scorpe’s range of battery powered rescue tools are EN and NFPA certified.  All use the powerful 5.0 Ah 28V capacity Li-ion Milwaukee battery, which offers inter-operability between ranges of Scorpe and Milwaukee tools, long operating hours and can be easily obtained.

Call Sales on 01483 506678 or Email if you would like a demo or further information.