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Fire Vehicles

A fire engine is a complex piece of equipment.  The legislation covering it is also complex because it’s classed as a vehicle when moving, a machine when stationary and a place of work for its crew.  Pulling all of these requirements together with the needs of the operator and the crew is what makes JDC different. As well as meeting all of the required regulations we often go that extra step to ensure that a vehicle is strong and safe. For example we subject vehicles to real physical crash tests and do not just count on computer simulations.   

When a fire engine arrives at an incident getting equipment out safely and easily is a priority. JDC use InterHSE to assess manual handling risks and the firestore software model.  Our vehicles are designed to the capabilities of the 99th percentile of UK woman 18-64.   

Stowage is a speciality of JDC and 50% of the time spent building a vehicle is devoted to stowage.  JDC innovations include tilt and slide shelving and the use of PolyBilt plastic to create more storage space, reduce overall vehicle weight and be stronger and tougher than any other materials currently in use.  It’s even resistant to gun fire. 

Inside the vehicle JDC apply the same attention to innovation and detail even in areas that can not be seen. For example electrical wiring is given extra protection by running it through the body frame wherever possible. The entire body frame is TIG welded for extra strength and avoids issues associated with loose bolts. 

We build on a variety of different chassis including Volvo, MAN, Scania, Mitsubishi and Mercedes. 

JDC have delivered over 1,300 full size fire vehicles in the UK and around the world. We know that it’s the details that make the difference and continue to invest heavily in R&D so that we can discover new engineering innovations while continuing to reduce the total cost of ownership. JDC offer customer choice, expert advice and expertise for the things that customers don’t need to decide.